Susan McIntosh Lloyd Memorial Scholarship

The Susan McIntosh Lloyd Memorial Scholarship has been established to encourage and support those living in Tinmouth who share Sue’s values and want to further their education. Sue valued making music and the traditions of farming and forestry. Sue’s caring and giving life will continue to shine in the gift of this scholarship to the town and its scholars.

In awarding this scholarship, special consideration will be given to those who seek schooling in these areas. This is an additional scholarship of ~$1,500 annually.  To apply for this scholarship, there is one additional essay, in the Tinmouth Continuing Education Scholarship Application which is a Google Form, the application is here, you will receive an email which has all your recorded answers and have the ability to edit if you see a typo, etc. The application deadline is May 1st.

Memories of Sue are deep in Tinmouth as they are anywhere her path took her:  music shared and led daily, physical activity of all kinds, stepping in to help wherever it was needed, reading to neighborhood children at “The Rock.”  In a conversation not long ago Sue was accepting of her diminished abilities and said with her beautiful Sue smile, “but I guess I can still be kind.”  Thank you Sue and Lloyds All for this gift on ongoing presence.  – Nelson Jaquay from the Tinmouth Town Report 2019