Plant Sale

The 2020 Tinmouth Plant Sale is daily at Squier Family Farm through May 10, open 10-7.  12 McNamara Rd. Tinmouth.  Info on our Facebook at Tinmouth Plant Sale. 

The Tinmouth Plant Sale occurs annually on the Saturday before Mother’s Day in early May from 8 am – 10:00 am. This sale has been a Tinmouth tradition for more than 25 years. It features Tinmouth grown perennial plants including flowers, herbs, veggies and ground covers. Plants are known-hardy because, if they grown in Tinmouth, they will grow at your house. The sale starts promptly at 8:00 with no early bird sales. Previewing at 7:30 am. The sale benefits the Tinmouth Scholarship Fund which has been providing post high-school scholarships to Tinmouth residents since 2012. Coffee and sweet treats are also for sale by Tinmouth School students. For Info: call 446-2928 or email.