Pam Garceau Memorial Scholarship – Mill River Seniors

The Pam Garceau Scholarship Fund was established in 2018 to honor an incredible woman who persevered through life’s hardships with tenacity and an undaunted spirit. Her courage deeply inspired those who knew her.

Pam was one of eight siblings who grew up in Jersey City. Due to financial pressures, she left high school prematurely at age 16 to work full time. Pam built a successful career in the transportation industry and eventually married Dan Garceau, the love of her life. They moved to Vermont where Pam took on the responsibilities of the administrative assistant at Tinmouth School. She was determined to earn her high school degree and so at age 60, Pam enrolled in night school at Stafford Tech.  Her indomitable spirit and tenacity paid off. A year later, she was awarded her high school degree from Mill River High School. Shortly after this resolute accomplishment, Pam was diagnosed with a terminal illness, which she battled gracefully for three years before passing away on December 29, 2017.

Pam held herself and others to a high standard. She was tenacious as well as compassionate. She opened her home and her heart to many foster children.  As an administrative assistant, Pam’s responsibilities extended to administering first aid as needed. The younger students in particular would fabricate ailments simply to come and visit with her. When the students at Tinmouth heard of her passing, their immediate response was, “Who will take care of us now?” Pam was self-less.  She always put the needs of students, colleagues, friends, and family before her own.

This scholarship is awarded annually to a student that has demonstrated the same resolve and selflessness that distinguished Pam Garceau. If she were with us today, she would be both delighted and honored to know that her tenacity and compassion has inspired others to graciously persevere.

The Pam Garceau Scholarship Fund was created in 2018 “To provide funding for college or advanced post high school studies. It is available to high school seniors who reside in Tinmouth and are graduating from Mill River High School.”  The recipient of this scholarship is chosen because they have demonstrated the same resolve and selflessness that distinguished Pam Garceau. 


  1. Be a current resident of Tinmouth, Vermont.
  2. Be accepted at an institution of higher learning, including trade schools or education beyond college and have your financial aid package secured (if applicable)
  3. Be a Mill River Union high school graduating senior.
  4. Priority is given to those who have financial need and demonstrate perseverance as well as compassion toward others. An example of perseverance includes overcoming difficulties that interfere with the completion of academic work.

Selection of recipients shall be based on a combination of potential, merit and financial need.  Merit and potential are determined by considering the following:

  1. Character and Ability
  2. Volunteer and/ or work experience
  3. Realistic and thoughtful career and/or education goals
  4. Financial Need is determined by your responses to your family contribution not covered by grants and scholarships.

Deadline for filing applications:

May 1st via email. Application for this scholarship is one additional essay in the Tinmouth Continuing Education Scholarship Application, which is submitted via Google Forms, the application is here, you will receive an email which has all your recorded answers and have the ability to edit if you see a typo, etc.

Grants are awarded in June in the form of a check to the applicant’s account at the institution of higher education.

The scholarship winner will be announced at the Tinmouth Scholarship Awards event at the Old Firehouse in Tinmouth in June. Applicants should plan on attending or if not possible, send a representative.