Old Fire House

The Old Firehouse was originally the town’s Grange Hall. In the 1960’s it became Tinmouth’s first firehouse, holding one truck.  The “new” firehouse was built in the 1970’s leaving the old one empty.  The “new” firehouse got a small addition and a new shell in 1998.  In 1999 the Old Firehouse was renovated using Historic Preservation funds and the Vermont Arts Council’s Cultural Facilities Grant.  Volunteer labor was a big component of the project as well.  The first concert held here was late in 1999, and concerts have continued until Covid hit in 2020.

This building is available to rent for Tinmouth taxpayers and residents.  Contact Community Center/Old Fire House Building Coordinator, Rainbow Squier.

The Old Firehouse is a great place to host a concert.  The concert series needs a new team to resurrect the concert series that has continued from 1999 through 2020.