Community Fund Grant and Tinmouth Community Fund Small Business Grant Information

The mission of the Tinmouth Community Fund is to provide funding of needed services and facilities for the well-being of the citizens of and for the sense of community in the Town of Tinmouth.

Tinmouth Community Fund Grant:

Grants are made in the Community Services and Projects area. The pool of funds to be distributed annually varies, but is likely to be in the $5,000 range annually. The Board will award grants based on the amount of money available and the applicant pool. There may not be enough money to fund all grants, some groups may not receive a grant, and awards could be less than the amount requested. Grant requests must be $100-$750.

Groups may apply for more than one grant; please prioritize your applications (first priority, second priority, etc). Also special requests outside of the scope this grant application may be considered by the Community Fund Board. Please use this grant application and the funding deadlines as models for your request.

The Tinmouth Community Fund will support a wide range of initiatives, which strengthen or enhance the community, provide a needed service or create or improve a facility used by Townspeople. Application deadline is May 1st by 11:59 p.m.  Do not be late with your grant application! Grants will be awarded along with Continuing Education scholarships in June.

Examples of projects that might meet the goals of the Fund include but are not limited to:

  • Books, periodicals or computer services for the library
  • Support for Tales of Tinmouth
  • Funds to supplement the food shelf or Roy & Anne Wilbur Fund
  • Plantings for the Town Green
  • A series of lessons for community members (self-defense, climbing, harmonica, etc.)
  • Bringing a speaker, musician or performance to the Town
  • After-school or summer activities for children

The above are intended to be examples, not an exclusive list, of projects that can be supported. The key questions for applicants are: how would their proposed project advance and enhance the greater community of the Town of Tinmouth; how many residents will it impact; and are other funding sources available to meet this need?  Is it a cool new idea?  Apply!  Tinmouth Community Fund Grant Application Note, the grant application is completed with google forms, you will get an email with your submission and have the ability to edit your submission if needed.

Tinmouth Community Fund Small Business Grant:

Are you a small business based in Tinmouth?  The Tinmouth Community Fund has created a new grant program, $100-$1000, geared toward supporting small businesses in town which are starting up or expanding.  In keeping with the mission of the Tinmouth Community Fund, this grant program is meant to support initiatives or services that potentially benefit the well-being of the residents of the Tinmouth community.  Do you have an idea of a small business you would like to get off the ground, but need a little funding to get started?  Are you an established business but you would like to expand and offer something new?  We would love to hear from you about your business idea.  We ask that you share details about your business plan and what you are hoping to do.  The more information you provide, the clearer we can envision your business idea to help us in the decision making process about granting an award.  Applications for the Small Business Grant are due May 1st by 11:59 p.m.

Please see the Small Business Grant application here.  The grant applications are made using google forms, you will get an email with your submission and have the ability to edit your submission if needed.

Application Deadline:

All applications must be submitted via google forms (if you need assistance contact a Board member), the deadline is May 1st by 11:59 p.m. Grants will be awarded along with the Continuing Education Scholarships at a TBD date and time in June.  This meeting will be open to all!

No late applications will be accepted!

For more information about the Fund, how to apply for a grant, or to discuss your idea, please contact us, or contact one of the nine board members listed on the Community Fund page

TCF Community Grant Report – The report has also moved to Google Forms, simply complete the form to submit your Grant Report.