Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Tinmouth Statement of Values was approved 3-0 by the Tinmouth Select Board at their June 22, 2021 meeting:

“The Town of Tinmouth upholds a culture of inclusion, civility, and respect, and welcomes all persons; regardless of but not limited to race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, income, wealth, veteran status, sexual orientation, age, marital status, familial status, disability, gender identity, and gender expression.

As a town we commit to fair and equal treatment of everyone in our community and formally condemn discrimination in all of its forms.

The Town of Tinmouth has been and will continue to be a place where individuals can live freely and express their opinions.” 

The Equity and Inclusion Committee was created by the SB at their August 12, 2021 meeting.

Mission: The mission of the Equity & Inclusion Committee is to encourage our town to foster a welcoming culture of equity, and inclusion so that engaging in municipal and social activities, living and doing business in our town, is accessible for everyone.

Vision: The vision for the committee is to proactively cultivate community engagement and inclusion in municipal and civic activities. Educate the community in local laws and meeting protocol, encourage more civic and social engagement, create more opportunities for small scale housing and businesses, and foster a sense of welcoming and inclusion through social activities.

Strategic Directives:
1. Help new residents/new attendees feel welcomed into town.

2. Provide educational opportunities for the community to learn about the process of Town Meeting, running for public office, Robert’s Rules and other important civic information to make attending and participating in the town more accessible.

3. Engaging the youth of Tinmouth to sit on town
committees and boards as active or advisory members
4. Explore small scale housing and business
opportunities in local zoning.
5. Develop new opportunities for volunteers for
specific, time and detailoriented projects instead of longterm committee appointments that can come with unclear work plans to harness the capacity and abilities of more town members.

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

If you are interested in attending the next meeting of the Equity and Inclusion Committee keep an eye on Tales of Tinmouth and Front Porch Forum.  We are always seeking residents to join our Working Groups, contact Logan Birdsall (by email or by phone: 802 779 5121) for more info:

  • Mutual Aid
  • Research and Development
  • Tinmouth Events

The Equity and Inclusion Committee consists of Logan Birdsall (Secretary), Todd Dennis (Vice Chair), Michael Fallar, Kim Harbaugh, Sherry Johnson, Lothar Schmelzenbach, Meadow Squier (Chair), Melody Squier, Rainbow Squier, and Emma Weatherhogg; who were appointed by the SB at their October 26, 2021 meeting.