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About the Community Fund

The Tinmouth Community Fund (TCF) was organized in December, 1999 with the Vermont Community Foundation. The fund was created with funds remaining at the completion of the Tinmouth Community Center. The Community Center received such strong community support, volunteer labor and a creative, collaborative, local construction model, that $85,000 was left in the bank when the building was complete. This was the seed money for the TCF.

The purpose of the Tinmouth Community Fund is to provide funding of needed service and facilities for the well-being of the citizens of and for the sense of community in the Town of Tinmouth. All contributions to the Fund are tax deductible. Send contributions to the Tinmouth Community Fund c/o the Town of Tinmouth Treasurer and not to the Vermont Community Foundation.

The fund is designed to award the interest generated from the principal to make annual grants.

Tinmouth Community Fund Minutes and Agendas.

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Types of Grants

  1. Community Fund Grants – Up to $750 per application, due May 1st and awarded during an early June ceremony, Click here.
  2. Community Fund Small Business Grants – since 2020.  $100-$1000, geared toward supporting small businesses in town which are starting up or expanding.  Click here.
  3. Continuing Education Scholarships-These have been awarded annually since 2012. They have ranged from $500-$3000 per student. Students can apply for all years of their college career. This  scholarship is not limited to college, it can be used for any learning beyond high school of any kind including trade school, internships or intensive courses of study. Applications are due May 1st and are awarded at a special event in Tinmouth in June.  The Annual Tinmouth Plant Sale (pictured above) donates all its proceeds to the Scholarship Fund annually.  Click here.
  4. K-12 Scholarship, since 2014.  This fund is for to help pay for the cost of summer camps or activities for Tinmouth kids.  The grant will pay for up to half of the cost of the camp. Applications are due May 1st. Grants are awarded until the money has been committed.  Click here.

Funding  – Donations always welcome, appreciated and needed!

Donations help us continue our good work and grow our funds.  We send an annual appeal letter for the Scholarship Fund in June, just as we are awarding our scholarships (and reducing our balance), and then an appeal for the Community Fund in December.  We welcome donations of money, of appreciated stock or mutual funds, and bequests at any time and in any amount.   You can download the form and send in a donation at your convenience.  We mail solicitation letters through the Tales of Tinmouth twice annually.   Thanks to everyone who has donated since 2000.

TCF  Fund Donations -Click here to download our donation form – and thank you!

Tinmouth Community Fund Board of Directors

Name Term Expires
Asha Carroll 2023
Lisa Patry 2023
Logan Birdsall 2023
Todd Dennis, Vice President 2024
Jan Krantz, President 2024
Martha Stanley 2024
Helen Mango, Secretary 2025
Cathy Reynolds, Treasurer, Continuing Education Scholarship Chair 2025
Melody Squier, K-12 Summer Scholarship Chair 2025