Community Center

Renting the Community Center

The Tinmouth Community Center is a Tinmouth community resource.  Use of the facility is intended to engage, build and strengthen the greater Tinmouth community for historical, educational, cultural, social, intellectual and recreational enrichment. It is available only to Tinmouth residents or taxpayers, who must sign the rental agreement and make all arrangements with the community center building manager. Renters must be on site during the event rental event and arrange for pick up and return of the key. Renters are responsible for the condition of the building upon return. Renters/Users agree to pay for the full cost of repairing any loss or damage resulting from their event.  Please carefully read through the rental documents and understand your responsibility when renting or using our Town Community Center.

No charge for use of hall though donations are appreciated:

  • Town functions and School functions
  • Activities open to the community at no charge (sports, classes, etc); weeknights and weekends are available – create an opportunity for you and your community!
  • Activities/fundraisers presented by a Tinmouth non-profit or community group or multi-town community group directly benefiting Tinmouth (Home Schoolers would be an example)

Private Parties

  • Tinmouth residents/taxpayers only
  • $100 refundable deposit required
  • Minimum charge $35 for groups of 25 or less
  • $60 charge for groups of 26-50
  • $85 charge for groups of 51-75
  • $110 charge for groups of 76-100
  • $200 charge for groups of 100 or more
  • Fundraisers for an individual in need not from Tinmouth-10% or $100 whichever is less.

Larger donations are gratefully accepted and appreciated.

Events charging admission or requesting donations at the door which do not meet either category above:

  • 10% of the take at the door; if take is less than $100, percentage is waived.
  • For an on-going paid event, (e.g. aerobics/yoga class) which charges money but never grosses more than $100 per session, a semi-annual donation of $50 is charged or pro-rated based on the number of months the sessions occur.

The Community Center Board will determine the rental rate for situations not covered above and can make adjustments to rental charges in extenuating circumstances.

To arrange to use the Community Center, contact Community Center/Old Fire House Building Coordinator, Rainbow Squier.  You can check availability on the calendar.

See the Town Resources Page for rental contract, alcohol use form and equipment available for use.