Tinmouth, VT 1910

Tinmouth Historical & Genealogical Society

President: Gail Fallar (tinmouthtown@vermontel.net)


All Meetings are scheduled for 2:00 PM on the 4th Sunday of the Month
at the Town Office unless otherwise noted.
Work days on the Old Creamery will be announced at a later date.

THGS Ongoing Projects

  • We publish a quarterly journal, The Tinmouth Channel, with articles about Tinmouth and Vermont history and Tinmouth-related genealogy. Editor - Grant Reynolds, grant62@vermontel.net.
  • Archeology of historic sites in Tinmouth
  • Restoring the Old Creamery (next to the town office on Mountain View Road)
  • Maintenance of the many cemetaries other than the main Tinmouth Cemetery on route 140.
  • Identifying and preserving old Tinmouth photos in acid-free folders.
  • Identifying the Tinmouth soldiers who served in the Civil war, including the houses they lived in when they enlisted, and putting them in a computer data base.
  • Encouraging story-telling and writing about town and family history. Making oral history tapes from long-time residents.
  • THGS Display at Vermont History Expo.


Old Creamery

The Select Board hired Doug Fontein, Ken Krantz, and Michael Fallar to re-roof the old creamery, board up the openings, and remove the anachonistic front porch. The work should be done before this issue comes out. While we hoped to paint it last summer, somehow the effort never got off the ground. So, in addition to the scheduled events below, there will be opportunities to prepare, prime, and paint on the Old Creamery.

Tinmouth is 250!

Tinmouth and Wells were chartered by Governor Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire on the same day, September 15, 1761. By reserving 500 acres for himself he became temporarily the largest landowner in both towns. Wentworth's office was the Walmart of wilderness land sales in 1761. 64 towns in what became Vermont were chartered that year.

Nearly all the towns contiguous to Tinmouth were chartered within a month in 1761. Pawlet on August 26, 1761; Danby on the 27th; Mount Tabor (as Harwich) on the 28th; Clarendon on September 5, Tinmouth and Wells on the 15th, and Poultney on September 21. At the time, Poultney was adjacent to Tinmouth. Middletown was inserted between us in 1784. Wallingford was chartered November 28, 1761. Ira was never chartered. The Vermont Legislature authorized a charter, but the applicants never paid the fees. People settled there and sent representatives to the Legislature, and the state gave up trying to collect.

In addition to the nearby towns, the other Rutland County 1761's are Killington on March 17, Shrewsbury on September 4, Rutland on September 7, Castleton on September 22, Pittsford on October 12, and Brandon on October 20. Over half of today's Rutland County towns were chartered within two months! Wentworth chartered only two more, Sudbury and Hubbardton. The remaining ones were chartered by the Vermont Legislature.

Contacts are being made with the other nearby towns to see if there is any interest in a joint celebration of some kind, probably as a supplement to the local ones being planned. THGS is organizing a committee of the current groups in town to plan what our town will do, both individually and perhaps collectively.

2011 Meetings and Programs

February 27 - Organizing Collections in the Town Office. This may sound mundane, but it's actually quite exciting. The town's unorganized files are full of surprises (so are the organized ones, like the Land Records. Did you know Ethan Allen owned the Northwest corner of town?)

April 3 - Telling Stories - Joint meeting with the "Tinmouth Motleys" writers group. Come with your stories; add to others.

May 22 - Jim Davidson of the Rutland Historical Society will ask "Whatsit?" Demonstrations, with explanations, of once important artifacts whose use is now mysterious to most of us. Bring your artifacts for Mr. Davidson to try to indentify.

June 26 - Possible multi-town celebration of the 1761 charters.

August 21 - Hepburn family will meet with us and share their history and stories.

September 17 or 18 - 250th Anniversary of the town charter. Plans TBD.

October 23 - Annual Potluck Lunch and Meeting. Possible Town Meeting Project with school children.

Paint the Old Creamery - As Time and Volunteers are available.